Oct. 26, 2021

Dr. Tara Sell: Combating Medical Misinformation

Some of the earliest documented instances of health misinformation occurred as early as the 1930s. So it’s not as recent of a phenomenon as you may think. Obviously, social media has made the speed and prevalence of health misinformation and...

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Oct. 18, 2021

Elizabeth Banker: The Importance of Online Content Moderation

Bio Elizabeth Banker is Vice President of Legal Advocacy for Chamber of Progress. Elizabeth brings twenty-five years of in-house, law firm, and trade association experience on intermediary liability, Section 230, and online safety. Most...

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Oct. 12, 2021

Justin Brookman: Privacy Legislation at the State Level

With Federal privacy regulation leaving much to be desired, it has fallen to individual states to make up the gap and establish their own privacy rules. This approach is problematic for many reasons, which is why Justin Brookman is on the show today....

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Sept. 30, 2021

Cody Venzke: Protecting Your Child's Data in School

Cody Venzke is a Policy Counsel for CDT’s Equity in Civic Technology Project, where he works to ensure that education agencies and other civic institutions use technology responsibly and equitably while protecting the privacy and civil rights of...

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Sept. 22, 2021

Margaret Kaplan: How Landlords Use Algorithms to Weed Out Potential Renters

Margaret graduated cum laude from the  in 2003 and began her legal career with the Housing Preservation Project. She began her career as a community organizer, fighting for the rights of manufactured home community members...

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Sept. 14, 2021

Justin Hendrix: What You Need to Know About Terrorism in DC

Justin Hendrix is CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press, a new nonprofit media venture concerned with the intersection of technology and democracy. Previously, he was Executive Director of NYC Media Lab. He spent over a decade at The Economist...

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Nov. 12, 2020

David Johns: Trump's Arsonous Section 230 Plan to Roast Black Voices

Bio  is known for his passion, public policy acumen and fierce advocacy for youth. He is an enthusiast about equity—leveraging his time, talent and treasures to address the needs of individuals and communities often neglected and...

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Nov. 3, 2020

Alejandro Roark: Latinos, Section 230 and Access

Bio Alejandro Roark is Executive Director of the Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) in Washington, DC. HTTP is a national non-profit that convenes an intersectional coalition of national Latino organizations committed...

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Oct. 21, 2020

Richard Fowler: Misinformation in Black America mixdown

Bio   Richard Fowler is Host of radio’s nationally syndicated , Democratic Messaging Expert, and Millennial Engagement Specialist, Richard Fowler is an advocate for youth and social policy reform.  Currently, Richard works with teachers,...

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Oct. 6, 2020

John Breyault: How to Spot and Stop Misinformation

How to spot and stop misinformation with John Breyault (Ep. 244) How to spot and stop misinformation with John Breyault (Ep. 244) -- John and Joe Miller discuss how consumers themselves can correct misinformation, by weighing in when they see it,...

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Sept. 28, 2020

John Bergmayer: Behind the App Store Purge with

John Bergmayer is Legal Director at Public Knowledge, specializing in telecommunications, media, internet, and intellectual property issues. He advocates for the public interest before courts and policymakers, and works to make sure that all...

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Sept. 21, 2020

Charlton McIlwain, WashingTECH’s Incoming Board Chair, Fireside

Bio Charlton McIlwain () is Vice Provost or Faculty Engagement and Development; Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. His recent work focuses on the intersections of race, digital media, and racial justice activism. He...

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Aug. 4, 2020

Mike Alkire & Jonathan Slotkin: How to fix the healthcare supply chain

Bios Mike Alkire is the President at Premier, the largest global supply chain, healthcare technology company in the U.S, that helps hospitals and health systems provide higher quality patient care at a better cost. In addition to leading the...

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July 27, 2020

Philip Howard: Lie Machines and the Propaganda Marketplace

Bio Philip N. Howard () the Director of the  and a statutory  at  at the . Howard investigates the impact of digital media on political life around the world, and he is a frequent commentator on global media...

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July 20, 2020

Sara Harrison: Telehealth at the End of Life

Sara Harrison - 'Telehealth at the End of Life' (Ep. 238) Sara Harrison, a New York City-based freelance journalist, joined Joe Miller to talk about telehealth and palliative care. Bio Sara Harrison (@SaraHarrison) is a freelance writer and journalist...

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July 13, 2020

Henry Greenidge: Transportation Equity

with Henry Greenidge (Ep. 237) Transportation Equity with Henry Greenidge (Ep. 237) -- New York University's McSilver Institute Fellow-in-Residence Henry Greenidge joined Joe to discuss transportation equity and what new legislation will mean for...

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June 29, 2020

Christina Thomas: Virtual Training for Young Global Leaders

Bio Christina Thomas is the Divisional Vice President for Youth Exchanges at World Learning. Christina oversees the World Learning’s multimillion-dollar U.S. and international youth exchange portfolio consisting of World Learning’s flagship...

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June 22, 2020

Gowri Ramachandran: Protecting the 2020 Election from COVID19 with

‘Protecting the 2020 Election from COVID19’ with (Ep. 235) Protecting the 2020 Election from COVID 19 - Gowri Ramachandran, Counsel in the Election Security program at the Brennan Center joined Joe Miller. Bio Gowri Ramachandran is Counsel...

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June 15, 2020

Harold Hughes: Privacy Best Practices for Startups

Bio Harold Hughes () is the founder & CEO of  – an identity infrastructure company that helps companies and organizations transparently manage, aggregate, and store valuable consumer data. A rising star in sports tech, Harold has had his...

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June 8, 2020

Mayors for Tech Justice with Newport News Mayor McKinley Price

Bio McKinley L. Price is President of the African American Mayors Association and Mayor of Newport News, Virginia. He is a native of Newport News, Virginia. He graduated from Huntington High School in 1967 and then received his Bachelor of Arts...

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June 1, 2020

Chris Lewis: Regulating Social Media: It’s the Moderation, Stupid

Bio Christopher Lewis () is President and CEO at Public Knowledge. Prior to being elevated to President and CEO, Chris served for as PK’s Vice President from 2012 to 2019 where he led the organization’s day-to-day advocacy and political strategy...

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